InterArts MFA Works in Parallel Universes

The worlds of punk music and family dynamics would seem to be polar opposites, but sometimes things just click into place. Dustin Seelinger has been working in two realities for a while now, that of the Chicago punk music scene and its accompanying zine aesthetic, and the daily realities of marriage and fatherhood. Through his artwork and writing, Dustin has created a new way of co-mingling these seemingly disparate elements of his past and present, and his plans for the future include bringing his ideas to a wider audience.


“My body of work has always been about family,” says Seelinger. “Recently I have turned this working practice into a blog, called Post-Punk Parenthood. Working on this blog, I built a community of peers not dissimilar to the community that I grew up in as part of the suburban Chicago music scene.” The next phase of Seelinger’s work will be to create a printed zine, which will connect with an even larger community, while still maintaining its punk roots.


To launch his print version, Seelinger has implemented a Hatchfund project to raise the funds needed to get the first issue off the ground and into the hands of fellow post-punk parents. Funding from the Hatchfund will go towards the printing of the zine and book, marketing costs, and a launch party. “In the event of overfunding, I will be producing prints of the artwork from the zine, and also will be able to distribute the zine to a larger market,” says the optimistic Seelinger.

“I don’t subscribe to the cookie-cutter approach to parenting or art making, and the fun perks I am offering on the Hatchfund page speak to those aspects of my life and personality,” says the artist. “As a father who who also happens to make art and paper, I prefer something fresh with a little more edge, and I hope contributors will too!”

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