ShopColumbia Provides a Powerful Resource for the Columbia Community of Artists

InterArts grad students new to Columbia should make it a point to check out ShopColumbia, located one block north and across the street from the Papermaker’s Garden. ShopColumbia is Columbia College Chicago’s unique art boutique, showcasing and selling student and alumni work of al types and in all media. The shop is defined by what Columbia artists are making right now, including jewelry, fine art, fashion accessories, housewares, film, paper goods, ‘zines, artists’ books, ceramics, letterpress prints, and music. ShopColumbia is a learning laboratory for experimentation, where artists learn the process of selling work in a vibrant, supportive environment. Since ShopColumbia opened in fall of 2008, Shop artists have earned over $250,000 from the sale of their work.

ShopColumbia is open to all students and alumni, regardless of their major or discipline. The submission process is easy and organized, and your work will be up and on display before the holiday season hits!

To submit work, send an email to to set up an appointment with Shop staff. Include an artist’s statement and a description of what you want to sell, and, if possible, photos of the work. All work is evaluated by our Review Board, whom look for originality, craftsmanship, and cohesiveness. The Review Board meets once a month, so Columbia artists can submit artwork year-round.

Once the work is approved by the Review Board, artists sign a consignment contract for one semester. Currently enrolled students earn 75% of every sale, and alumni earn 50%.

For more information, check out their webpage on the CCC website.