Mission Accomplished!

The end of summer ushers in new beginnings, sometimes even before the official start of fall. On September 10, Book and Paper alumna Teresa Pankratz and Chicago photographer Jane Fulton Alt finished numbering and signing the completed copies of their limited edition collaborative artist’s book, between fire/smoke. Alt had invited Pankratz to collaborate with her on a limited edition artist’s book to accompany her upcoming photography book The Burn, published by Kehere Verlag. To date, four of the 18 between fire/smoke books in the edition have already been purchased.

pan and alt

Plans for Chicago-area launch events for both books are in the works, with date and time to be announced. October’s launch event will be held at Ragdale Foundatiaon, with another launch and book signing to happen at the DePaul Museum of Art in November.

For more information on the artists and their books, click here.