InterArts Annual Potluck Presents a Feast of Food and Performance


A few days after the first classes begin, but before the high drama of fall Critique Week, comes a pause in the day’s occupation that is now known as the annual InterArts POTLUCK! Part-time and full-time students from the InterArts MFA Media, MFA Book and Paper, and MA programs take a break from the second week of classes and studio work to gather in the 1104 South Wabash Ave. Ludington building Raw Space to meet, greet, and reconnect.


Three months of summer seems to go by in a flash, but Potluck Night reminds everyone of how much time they’ve actually been apart. There is always lots of collaboration on the planning and set-up for the event. Some years the Potluck features 2D work done over the summer, displayed all around the Raw Space walls and spilling out into the PIT Galley exhibition space.


This year’s Potluck was heavily weighted by interactive time arts work (displayed around the space on monitors, thanks to lots of prep work by many second- and third-year MFAs, including Chelsey Shilling, Megan Pitcher, Jillian Bruschera, and Leo Selvaggio) and live performance, with work by new and second-year MFAs installed in the Galley (thanks to second year Book and Paper MFA Dustin Seelinger.


Interim InterArts Chair Cif Meador said, “It was great to see everyone in one large group and get a sense of the energy we create as a group—it is pretty amazing. I know that we all look forward to seeing the work that gets made this year!”

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Monthly InterArts Salon Nights are soon to follow the Potluck kick to the Raw Space traffic, events which are organized and moderated by InterArts Student Organizations P.I.T. and ImageUnit. Plans are already in the works, so stay tuned for the upcoming schedule announcement.