Original Silkscreen Artwork Extravaganza Part of Manifest Celebration

Anchor Graphics’ team of student artists worked for weeks ahead of time so they would be ready to not only make original art at Manifest, but provide a performance piece of the process during the festival day. The Anchor Graphics Manifest booth was located directly next to Anchor’s home base at 623 S. Wabash, in the same parking lot as the new Manifest Zipline booth.

team anchor

While graduates flew on the Zipline towards graduation, the Anchor team was creating unique and original silkscreen broadside prints to give away to visitors. Their booth matched the performative energy of the paper making booth also located in the main lot, making it a vortex for the day’s visual, performative, sustainable, and original art making.

Anchor Team’s student printers were Ian Miller, Brian Peters, Laurel Waldo, Erik Salgado and Dan O’Connell. In the weeks before Manifest, the students created Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired original drawings which were run to film at Anchor, and then contacted onto screens in preparation for some wild and fun printing, overprinting, and print mash-ups.

Screens made before the event of students’ original drawings.

Anchor’s master printers David Jones and Chris Flynn supervised the project planning, but on the day of, it was all student energy at work. “They blew through about 600 prints at Manifest in no time,” said Flynn.

Erik Salgado’s drawing of Alice in Wonderland with the Jabberwocky

Having Anchor right next door was especially helpful for replenishing supplies as needed during the frenzy, as well as a rating space for a well-deserved pizza break for the hardworking team.

Ian Miller’s drawing for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

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