Anchor Graphics Announces New Collector Purchase Opportunities

Anchor Graphics will be launching two new purchase programs this spring designed to assist collectors in starting and augmenting their collections. The Special Manifest Celebration Sale of Original Prints will be offered during Manifest. This sale will feature limited edition prints from the Anchor Graphics Special Collections by Ellen Lanyon, Steve Campbell, Cannonball Press, Michiko Itatani, Richard Hull, and Arthur Binion. This selection of fine art prints were created at Anchor Graphics between 1990 and 2012, and will be offered for sale during Manifest 2013 at special prices.

Ellen Lanyon, Beyond the Borders, Six color lithograph with hand coloring, 1996, 20-1/2″ X 15″, Original Price: $700 | SPECIAL MANIFEST PRICE: $350

Anchor Graphics renowned Slated Portfolio Series will also be on sale during Manifest this year. Click here to learn more about this fascinating historical series of prints, dedicated to the memory of Ed Paschke.

The other new print collector’s initiative launching this spring will be Anchor Graphics’ Second Release Series. This new monthly series will feature the work of two different artists in the Anchor Graphics Special Collection archives. Each month on the Second Release page of the Anchor Graphics website, collectors will find images and descriptions of the new work, which will be available at a special price for a limited time only. The inaugural Second Release will feature work by Louise LeBourgois and Elena Climent.

For more information about this window of opportunity to add to one’s fine art print collection, click here.