Upcoming Spring 2013 Salon Series Event on Monday April 15

The InterArts Salon has taken off since its inception in fall of 2012, evolving into an important an much-anticipated curricular and social event. Devised as an opportunity for the informal presentation of work (both completed projects and works in progress), it is open to presentations by members of the Interdisciplinary Arts community at Columbia College (students, faculty, staff, and alumni), and free and open to the public for any and all who wish to participate as audience members.

Officers from the two graduate student organizations have been active in encouraging participation from InterArts colleagues, as well as bringing in students and faculty from other arts institutions in the area. Lively discussions and eclectic refreshments are part of the fun, some homemade, some from the nearby Jewel or Trader Joe’s. But with the Salon’s timing of 7:00–9:00 p.m., both the conversations and the treats mingle in perfect harmony, to round out a Monday evening at the graduate studios.

Above: Work by Michelle Graves (left) and Dennis Burke (right).

Next Monday’s event will be held in the Raw Space, 1104 S. Wabash, on the 2nd floor. Presenters for the evening will include alumni Michelle Graves (media) and Stephen DeSantis (book + paper), and current Media MFA grad students Dennis Burke and Sid Branca.
Salon series attendees will be passing by what promises to be an active gallery area, currently in preparation mode for the 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition installation.