CPBA Curator Branches Out as CAC Hatch Incubator Curator-in-Residence

Jessica Cochran, CBPA’s curator of exhibitions, is also taking a turn as the current curator-in-residence at the Chicago Artists’ Coalition. Her additional curatorial investigations are part of the CAC’s year-long Hatch Arts Incubator program. Cochran’s first curated exhibition for Hatch, Indelicate Objects, opened on Friday, March 15.

Performance on opening night with Johana Moscoso (far left)

The exhibition, featuring work by Chicago-based artists Kristina Felix, Johana Moscoso, and Kristin Nason, considers the artists’ “indelicate” relationships to things that can be creative, rude, irreverent, rough, intimate, aggressive, and laborious.” As such, handmade “indelicate objects” in the show include hand-sewn, naturally died flags and quilts, sculptural assemblages featuring hand upholstered fabric, and high heel shoes that have been re-soled with fabric and carpet.

Nason combi
Two works by Kristin Nason, both untitled.
In her exhibition statement, Cochran writes, “The artist’s indelicate, or tactical, relationship to stuff is characterized by her willingness to engage in a form of artistic labor that both performs and subverts the economic order. An artist buys, salvages, or barters things that she unmakes, ruins, sews, destroys, redesigns… so the list goes on.”

According to Cochran, the Hatch residency is a “great way to sharpen my curatorial practice and expand my creative network,” in a residency program that fosters growth through group critiques and mentor relationships with senior curators. 

To learn more about the Hatch Residency program, click here.