Call for Submissions: Papers! Please!

During the month of October 2013, members of the Friends of Dard Hunter will join together in St. Louis, Missouri for Papers! Please! a conference hosted by Washington University and Webster University, with a four day pre-conference hosted by The Craft Alliance. The conference events and activities will include an array of workshops and demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions, and museum tours.

The role paper plays in the creation of our identities as individuals and communities will be a focus of the conference, with discussion about the interconnectivity between art, craft, and theory. We welcome anyone who has an interest in hand papermaking and related fields. For more information and to become a member, please visit

Proposals can be a one person talk (20 minutes) or a panel of presenters (40 minutes). If you are proposing a panel, please indicate the panel moderator and up to three panel presenters. Special consideration will be given to presentations that focus on the conference theme. Proposals should be no more than 500 words, describing the topic to be discussed and its relevance to the papermaking community.

Submit proposals as an attachment to with the subject line “presentation.”

Proposals can be a one person or collaborative presentation demonstrating a particular skill, process, or style. General equipment for papermaking, printmaking, bookmaking, and laser cutting are available (studio and equipment specifications forthcoming) and Missouri Botanical Gardens will donate specific plant harvests. Demonstration sessions will be approximately four hours long, with groups of conference attendees rotating between demonstration sites. Techniques must be demonstrated from start to finish in the allotted time, however, the technique or process may be repeated several times within the session to accommodate a rotating audience. Any special needs must be discussed and approved prior to acceptance and demo. Proposals should be no more than 500 words, describing the process to be demonstrated and specifically detailing equipment needs.

Submit proposals as an attachment to with the subject line “demonstration.”

We are working directly with the businesses of Cherokee Street in St. Louis to offer conference participants opportunities for project spaces, pop-up exhibitions, and street performances on Friday, October 18. Friends of Dard Hunter members are invited to submit proposals for projects to our local community organizer. If your project is chosen, we will work with you to place your project in a space on Cherokee Street as part of The Cherokee Street Gallery Walk on Friday evening of the conference. Proposals can include collaborative or individual artist projects or exhibitions. Projects can be from one night to several months in duration, depending on the host site. Please consider projects that are based on activity in the space and that generate creative output or provide a contribution to conference attendees and the surrounding community. Keep in mind that your participation in The Cherokee Street Gallery Walk involves a large commitment to planning, staging, maintaining, and deinstalling your project. Proposals should be no more than 500 words, describing the scope of the project and specifically detailing its public involvement.

Email proposals as an attachment to Morgan Keenan with the subject line “project”.


DEADLINE: April 2, 2013