InterArts Faculty Member Extends the Reach of Chicago’s Interdisciplinary Artists Far and Wide

Associate Professor Mat Rappaport is extending the reach of his work and that of other Chicago artists through his curatorial practice and collaborations with other collectives around the world.

Starting in New York, this Valentines Day marks the opening of Let’s Talk About Love, Baby, an exhibition featuring a new book project by Rappaport. The show opens at Printed Matter on February 14, from 6:00-8:00 p.m., and runs through March 14, 2013. It’s the latest installment of an ongoing project initiated in 2009, featuring the work of about 250 artists who fabricate their personal romance novel, all of which then become part of the growing LOVE LIBRARY. Each artist is individually invited through “love and respect,” and the artists share space together on bookshelves as an intimately linked interconnected community.

Mat is also working with v1b3, a artist-led collective launching their second artists’ catalogue of media art that uses augmented reality.

Building on the the experimental¬†format of Scan2Go, v1b3’s new project AR2View is an exhibition catalog that brings together a collection of Augmented Reality (AR) artworks from nineteen media artists and two essay articles that review the field and the work inside. Rappaport is a co-initiator on the project, an interactive catalog with pages that link to media artwork wherever catalog and its holder happen to be. This innovative publication includes features designed to provide additional information to each page by using the text and image that function as interactive interfaces for mobile media hardware.

During the fall 2012 semester Rappaport was invited to participate and curate a program of Chicago video artists in the 2012 Video Guerrilha outdoor video festival in Brazil. Video Guerrilha is an urban intervention that stimulates and interacts artistically with the architecture and public spaces of several cities in Brazil and around the world. Mat selected artists from the Chicago region to represent a diverse array of aesthetic and conceptual approaches to video making. The video works were displayed on large-scale outdoor projections. The Chicago artists Mat selected for the 2012 event represented a diverse array of aesthetic and conceptual approaches to video making, and include by Annette Barbier + Drew Browning; Melika Bass; Pat Badani; InterArts faculty Paul Catanese; Jeanne Dunning; Dale Kaminski; Ei Jane Lin; Marlena Novak + Jay Alan Yim; Mat Rappaport; and Dolores Wilber.

To see a slide show of the outdoor installations, click here.

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