Experimental Sound Studio: Director of Community Engagement

The Director of Community Engagement is a new part-time position at Experimental Sound Studio (ESS).

ESS is a Chicago-based nonprofit sonic arts organization founded in 1986. Its mission is the production, promotion, presentation, and preservation of innovative and diverse approaches to sound in all its cultural aspects. ESS is an artist-run organization with a commitment to contemporary culture, to providing artists with meaningful services and resources, and to providing challenging, substantive programming to increasingly broad audiences. ESS is a small but vigorous organization with a 26-year history of high-quality programming that has garnered recognition locally, nationally, and internationally.

The organization’s goal with this position is to develop community engagement initiatives and a community engagement plan that is integrated into ESS’s overall mission. This will require working closely with staff and board to leverage the organization’s existing resources, partnerships and history, as well as forging new community partnerships and assertively developing pilot projects. In addition, the Director of Community Engagement will consult with the Executive Director on funding possibilities for projects and for expanding the position itself.

The work ethos at ESS combines group decision-making and individual initiative, self-motivation, creativity in using limited fiscal resources to accomplish substantive results, and accountability. Humor is essential.

This is a 9-month contract position beginning April 1, 2013. It increases in time commitment and pay in three increments, each subject to a performance review and fiscal resources:

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Contact: Lou Mallozzi at lou@experimentalsoundstudio.org
Link: http://ess.org


SOURCE: http://www.chicagoartistsresource.org/jobs/experimental-sound-studio-director-community-engagement