A+D Gallery Exhibition Curated by InterArts MFA David Jones

During her 2010 artist-in residency at Anchor Graphics, Krista Hoefle worked on a series of prints that combined cyanotypes, screen printing, and collage into a narrative about the impact of technology and innovation.

Jason Lahr, Artifact Transmission, courtesy of Packer Schopf Gallery

Anchor Graphics Executive Director and second-year InterArts MFA David Jones felt an instant connection to the sci-fi and cyberpunk influences in her work, and approached her with an idea for a group exhibition. Their meeting two years ago has resulted in the current A+D Gallery exhibition of work by The Almost Metal Collective. The work on display by Collective members Rudy Shepherd, Sheilah Wilson, Jason Lahr, and Hoefle manipulates readily accessible information and open-souce ephemera to examine the impact of cultural and social influences on personal identity. Says Jones, “I really responded to the robotic sensibilities in Krista’s work, and her use of game design influences. On discovering the interrelated work of other members of the Collective, it was easy to see how this exhibition would come together.”

Krista Hoefle, ReSpawn

The exhibition runs through February 16, 2013. There is a reception and performance event with the artists scheduled for January 31 from 5:00–8:00 p.m. For more information on the exhibition, gallery hours and location, click here.