InterArts Media MFAs present new work at the Fraction: Dance in Progress Series

Every two months the Fraction: Dance in Progress series at Links Hall focuses the spotlight on an aspect of artistic creation that doesn’t often get noticed: the development and path towards live presentation. Fraction: Dance in Progress, which began in February of 2012, pulls back the curtain on the effort that goes into preparation for a live performative work, showcasing works-in-progress to the public. For the audience, Fraction means the thrill of new work from local artists. For the artists, the audience adds another dimension, and a chance to test boundaries as they formulate their concepts into action.

Photo © Chelsey Shilling

Choreographers with current work in progress who are looking for a safe place to share work and receive free-flowing feedback are drawn to the Fraction project and its community of adventurers. Joining them this month are InterArts MFAs Megan Pitcher and Leo Selvaggio, who along with their fellow performers Angela Luem, Caitlin Rafferty, Allison Anich, and Kelly Skalawho, will be presenting their new work Where You and I Meet on Monday, December 3 at 8:00 p.m. Pitcher and Selvaggio’s group will be one of six presenting their work-in-progress to adventurous spectators and dance lovers, who are eager to provide feedback to artists looking to develop their creative voice.

The interactive performance project Where You & I Meet will be part of this month’s presentations in the Fraction: Dance in Progress series at Links Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield Avenue, Suite 207. Tickets are available at eventbrite, or at the door for a $5 suggested donation. Join the event on Facebook here.