InterArts MFA Appears All Around Town, in Multiple Interdisciplinary Guises

InterArts Media MFA Sid Yiddish is a bit like lightning, only reverse. Not only can he strike twice, but during fall 2012, he’s touching ground across many artistic platforms, using multiple forms of media.

Yiddish has been doing collaborative performance since 2008, including work with the Danish Band Clean Boys, and he’s appeared on close to a dozen net label releases by Sirona Records and other internet labels.
Last month a DVD of several PSAs/films, From The Department Of Communication Technology Arts Presents: DOCTA PSAs Volume 1> 2011-2012, was released by Aleatory Records. Sid makes an appearance in a number of these gems for public service communication. Another perk for collectors of Sid’s work: He’s featured in the just-released book (and limited DVD) The Suffering And Celebration Of Life In America by Shane And Amy Bugbee. Both are being published by Michael Hunt Publishing. Once the DVD sells out, the film will only available online.

Sid’s performances this fall include a non-speaking extra role on the NBC-TV series (Season 1) Chicago Fire (look for him in Episode 10, being broadcast Wednesday, November 21, 9:00 p.m.); in an extra non-speaking feature role as a Hasidic Jew in the new Ludacris music video film Jingalin’ (Def Jam Recordings-Aristotle Torres, Director), completed earlier this summer in Atlanta, Georgia; and finally, shown in action as part of a feature on the ongoing Chicago run of The Great Fire: A Traveling Truck Show, on the ABC-TV show 190 North (ABC-TV).

His musical output has been keeping up as well, with the release of three CD recordings over the course of this fall: SP/Sirona Family Mix By Toxic Chicken (Sirona Records/SP Net-CD Compilation); Sirona Promo Mixtape (Sirona Records/SP Net-Cassette Compilation); and Coup De Ta-Ta’s (Flabby Hoffman Trio>Gro-A-Fro Productions).

With more projects in the works, Sid will no doubt be keeping up his brisk pace of performance right through the New Year’s celebrations.