Word 6: An Architecture of Multimodal Poetry and Text Exhibition Features Work by InterArts Alumni and Faculty

Work by Interarts alumni and faculty in the Arcade Gallery’s current show investigates ways to create space using poetry and text, while at the same time exploding ideas of space and place. The exhibition Word 6—An Architecture of Multi-Modal Poetry/Text, curated by S’Marie Clay, features writers and artists of all genres helping to build the interior of an unusual house: one which is inhabited by poetry/text that hangs, opens, closes, locks, rusts, plays loud enough to wake the neighbors, bakes rings, burns, drips, melts, fits, and bursts from the seams.

Work by Michelle Graves

InterArts alumni Teresa Pankratz (’10), Michael Chad St. John (’12), and Michelle Graves (’12) collaborated with other artists in this unusual interdisciplinary exhibition which runs until January 11, 2013. Book and Paper faculty member Miriam Schaer joins them in this unorthodox architectural experiment. A reception with the artists on November 19, 5:00-7:00 p.m. promises to reveal some interesting discussions on the process, the artists’ conceptual approach to the subject, and the resulting manifestation.
For more information on the exhibition, click here, or email curator S’Marie Clay here.