InterArts Alumni in Upcoming “Food & Performance” Show

Food & Performance is an ongoing interdisciplinary showcase of performance art involving… edibles. This innovative monthly performance series is the brainchild of InterArts alumni Ania Greiner and Jessica Hannah, who started the series in 2010. A typical F&P show involves artists interacting directly with audience members, who are welcome to roam, taste, and engage in a variety of performances all happening simultaneously throughout a gallery.  

Featured F&P artists are typically innovators, at the crossroad of consumption and body, creating work that grapples with the questions of how food nourishes, revolts, entices, rewards, shames, comforts, seduces, and builds community. F&P artists push the boundaries of these questions, and invite audiences to partake in the feast.

The next installment of F&P happens November 17–18, 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Wicker Park area’s Defibrillator Gallery and performance space, aka “dfb.” The lineup for both evenings will feature works by Michael Chad St. John and Nic Ruley, both recent alumni of the InterArts program. St. John (pictured above) will be presenting his 2012 work A Simple Cereal. Ruley is performing with Brain Surgeon Theater’s artistic director Gwen Tulin, in a collaborative work entitled Pancakes and my Twitter Place.

For more information on F&P and to buy tickets, click here. Don’t miss video from previous F&P shows, just click here.