CTA’s 2012 Art on Track to Feature Work of InterArts Alumni

T.A.R.T. a Chicago-based interdisciplinary arts group, is again a featured collective in the C.T.A. project Art on Track. For Art on Track 2012, T.A.R.T. will create and present Cabinets of Wonder, their hands-on exploration of joy, mystery, and discovery in the natural, spiritual, and scientific worlds as seen through the lens of retro-futuristic nineteenth-century curio cabinets. Viewers can visit the palm reader, make fools’ gold leaf with the mad alchemist, examine unusual animal specimens, and much more, all while circling the loop elevated in an art-filled train.

Three of the four members of the T.A.R.T. arts collective are InterArts alums: Stephen DeSantis (MFA Book & Paper 2008), Erin Cramer (MFA Book & Paper, 2009), and Kristina Gosh (MFA InterArts, 2009). The fourth member, Chelsea Middendorf, is an alumna of Columbia’s A+D department (BA Fine Arts, 2012).

Rough drawings and alchemist experiments for "Cabinets of Wonder."

The group has set up a Facebook page with profiles of the project and information about their individual artistic practices. It also includes a “Wish List” of materials they’ll need to realize their Art on Track artistic vision. To help locate and acquire all the materials for the ambitious project, which will fill an entire CTA subway car, they have also set up a Kickstarter fundraising page. Says member Kristina Gosh, “I’m thrilled to be a guest artist again with the awesome folks of T.A.R.T. We hope our Kickstarter campaign will help us reach our goal of $2000. To help encourage people, we’ve come up with lots of spiffy rewards for donations at all levels!”

More information is at their Facebook and Kickstarter pages, linked above.