Call for Submissions: “Then, What If?” – video and sound project

Then, what if? – presented by NewMediaNewMusicNewEngland

SEEKING 60 second sound works and 60 second videos from composers and artists living and/or working in the New England states, USA: CT, RI, MA, NH, VT & ME. (ONLY)

(Gene Gort and Ken Steen: co-curators)

“Then, what if?”- an exploration of intentionality and randomness

60 sound pieces and 60 videos will be selected from the call for entries. They will be subject to random and/or intentional pairings for public presentation in a variety of venues. A new web page will be constructed using these works. The web interface will allow visitors to randomly pair sound pieces and videos to create a wide array of juxtapositions and experiences of this collection of sound and image (3600 potential pairings). Additionally, visitors will have the choice to hear/view selected works independently with links to producers. See the existing page from the first call in 2009:

Additionally, the project will be available as a screening event to galleries, museums, schools, festivals, etc. A new random shuffle will be generated to create a unique program for each screening event.

TO SUBMIT go to the website call for entries


DEADLINE: August 1, 2012