Book + Paper MFAs to the Rescue!

A work crew of Pulp, Ink, & Thread members headed up to Two Rivers, Wisconsin last weekend to volunteer at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. The trip was planned months in advance, as a way to celebrate the end of the semester. In the end the timing couldn’t have been better for both students and the Museum, since just days before the students arrived the facility had been the victim of extensive flooding due to storms.


B+P MFA Boo Gilder surveys the damage at Hamilton.

Hamilton is a massive warehouse, and a repository of over a million and a half pieces of wood type. The P.I.T. volunteers had plenty of work to do, from cleaning up puddles of standing water to salvaging warped type. It was a busy and successful long weekend, and there is already discussion of a second volunteer trip later in the summer.


Thanks to Jillian Bruschera, Boo Gilder, Liz Isakson-Dado, Hannah King, Kate Morgan, and Claire Sammons for all the hard work!