JAB 31 Released!

Issue 31 of the Journal of Artists’ Books (aka JAB31) was completed the beginning of April 2012, and issues are now on their way to subscribers’ mailboxes. The 2012 spring Issue theme of “collaboration, cooperation, and shared goals” is highlighted in articles by a broad spectrum of contributors from around the world, including Thomas Hvid Kromann writing on the N.Y. Art Book Fair; Anthony Leslie’s homage Judith Hoffberg’s Umbrella newsletter; and a review of artists’ books in Australia by Sarah Bodman.

An added bonus in the new issue is the expanded Books Received section, featuring reviews by Karol Shewmaker, Sarah Bassnett, and Brandon Graham. This year’s Offset Fellows Claire Sammons and Jenna Rodriguez were contributors to the Books Received section with both print articles and video reviews.


The video reviews will be posted once a week through a link on the JAB Facebook page. They were produced by Luan Barros, with voice over narration by Claire Sammons.

JAB 31 can be ordered via the subscription form found on the JAB website subscriber page.