Artist’s Talk Focuses on Graphic Novels with a Global Perspective

Amnesty International and InterArts together will present an artists’ talk with one of the authors of the serial webcomic Zahra’s Paradise. Amir an his co-author, Khalil, maintain anonymity for reasons that are obvious once one reads a bit of the English, Farsi, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch webcomic. Amir will be at 916 South Wabash, Room 201, on April 11, from 12:00 noon-1:00 p.m. Columbia College is delighted to have him here in person to speak about the graphic novel and its potential as a medium to reach wide audiences and inspire people to activism and awareness about important issues. He’ll discuss the use of art in social protest and advocacy from a global perspective.

Amir is an Iranian-American writer, filmmaker, and human rights activist, who believes in the power of stories to shift perceptions and perspectives, and open up new forms of space, communication and community. Convinced that memory and art are crucial in guarding the reflection of the Iranian people, Amir views the graphic novel as a powerful medium for advancing human rights by grounding stories—real and fictional characters—in an historical and cultural context that’s accessible, imaginative and fun.

Khalil’s work as a fine artist has been much praised. He sculpts and creates ceramics, and has been cartooning since his youth. Zahra’s Paradise is his first graphic novel.

Amir and Khalil have long dreamed up projects together, but Zahra’s Paradise draws on their talents as though they’ve been preparing for it all their lives—and through it, they answer the calling of their times.

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