InterArts 2010 Visiting Artist Continues to Open New Avenues in Interdisciplinary Investigation

The New York Times is calling the 2012 New Museum of Contemporary Art Triennial “a thing of small, light formal gestures, unemphatic in tone and socially engaged, though in an unperturbed way that accommodates friendliness and wit.” Since initiating her Museum as Hub program in 2006, Joo has demonstrated her commitment to providing venues and platforms for international emerging artists to explore and present interdisciplinary work.


Eungie Joo

As Visiting Artist to Columbia’s InterArts program in 2010, Joo brought to MFAs ideas and approaches from the New Museum’s Night School project, a series of theoretical workshops and seminars for artists, critics, and curators. Besides her public lecture, students were given the opportunity to speak with her one-on-one about their work, in individual studio visit critique sessions. The end of her visit culminated in a small reception hosted by MFA candidate Don Widmer, a more relaxed and casual setting than critiques, but with room for more dialogue.

“At the reception, Ms. Joo sat quietly to the side and became instant friends with Mona, our Pit Bull mix,” says Widmer. “She seemed to be in her element engaging with young artists, at various points in their career.  She listened closely to students describing current projects and interests. I think this is how she keeps her finger on the pulse of what is emerging in the art world, particularly of the younger generation.”