We’re having great success with readership of the InterArts Blog and Facebook feeds. I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that you are very welcome to send announcements, opportunities, and press releases regarding student, alumni, and faculty news, and we will publish it!


  • Are you having an exhibition, magazine article, conference presentation, artwork acquisition, residency, promotion, or other professional event? Whether you¹re a current student, alumni, or a faculty member, we want to know. AND— if it’s “CV-able,” we want to announce it to the world.
  • Do you know a student or alumni who is having an event, recently won a competition, had an exhibition, residency, new position, award, or honor?

    Even if it’s not your event or press release, let us know about it, and tell us who to contact. We’ll work to get the news out via our department’s blog!


  • Send an email to Kathi Beste ( copying Paul Catanese ( and Jessica Cochran (
  • Email Subject line should read: PLEASE POST IN INTERARTS BLOG
  • In the email, please use the following guidelines:
    • POST TITLE: (Include a 5 to 15 word title for the post)
    • BODY OF POST: Press releases should be narrative in form, information

      double-checked, include relevant dates, times, address/locations, bios, parking or CTA access info, etc. Please write at least 50 words minimum. 250 words is IDEAL, and longer posts are accepted. Interarts reserved the right to copyedit any submissions.

    • CONTACT: If the story requires follow-up, please indicate how and who to

      contact (email and telephone).

    • IMAGES: Images can be included. Attach them to your email
    • FORMAT: JPG, 72 DPI, 500 pixels wide (We will do the resizing if you cannot.)

      Please confirm you have and are giving us permission to post the images you supply, and include any relevant credit line information – such as photographers credit, if applicable.

    • PDFS: If you are sending an application opportunity, or any kind of form for readers to access and download, please send it in PDF form as an email attachment.


  • sending attachments larger than 4 MB
  • sending a sentence fragment and expect instant conversion into a succinct and riveting press release. We can, and will, write press releases, but it will delay the posting process (we prefer contributors to write their own press releases).

What you can expect?

  • When your request is received you should get an immediate reply from the system indicating that the email was delivered.
  • If we have any questions on your submission, we will contact you via email within 3 days
  • Our goal is to process and post articles within 4 days.
  • When your article is posted, you will receive a confirmation email with a shortened ‘permalink’ to the story that you can share with others.
  • If you do not see your posting within a week, please contact us to make sure that the original request was received.

If you have any questions, please let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!