Paul Catanese Uses Printmaking, Computer Programming, and Video in Exhibition at Wright State University

Interarts Faculty member Paul Catanese combines printmaking, computer programming, and video in his upcoming exhibition at Wright State University’s Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries. Encompassing many projects from the past seven years, the work “stands out as an ideal example of how artists today are using both new and traditional tools in their art-making process,” states curator Tess Cortés. “I hope this exhibition inspires experimentation with different media, and encourages artists to follow through with ideas, even if that path leads into unfamiliar territory.”


Paul Catanese

Medicinal Craft of Cephalopods, 2004

Modified Gameboy Advance cartridge, handheld game console

Paul identifies his artwork as “hybrid.” That is, his broad definition of

technology and the use of it in his work often combine what is labeled as “traditional” and “new media.” His hybrid work takes many forms—virtual, physical, or new

combinations of both. The action of collecting (mostly) organic objects form the basis of much of Paulʼs work, and visitors to the exhibition will encounter works of art that combine natural and organic materials such as bones, feathers, teeth, hooks, and small piles of carefully placed fragments with skillfully incorporated elements such as intaglio printing, computers, digital video, and overhead projectors. The resulting juxtapositions and combinations that result will be presented by the artists in a free, public lecture on Sunday, October 23 before the opening reception.


Paul Catanese, Hunting Prayers, 2006

Multimedia installation