Now Available: Journal of Artists’ Books: JAB29 (Spring, 2011)

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The Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago is pleased to announce the Spring 2011 issue of the Journal of Artists’ Books (JAB).


We proudly consider JAB29 the “Brazil JAB,” because four of the five essays were written by Brazilian artist/scholars, and the issue publishes for the first time essays based on talks given during “Perspectives of the Artist’s Book,” a conference held at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in late 2009. In the first essay, conference co-organizer Maria do Carmo de Freitas Veneroso gives an insightful overview of the conference itself and artist book activity in Brazil. Paulo Silveira, in his paper “Criticism and the Artist’s Book,” makes a case for using language specific to the idea of the book when writing about artists’ books rather than borrowing from the language of other art forms such as painting or sculpture. Daisy Turrer‘s essay, “A Study on the Paratextual Space of Artists’ Books,” examines the ways various authors and artists have developed creative strategies based on the elements of the book. Conference co-organizer Amir Brito Cadôr, in his essay “The Children’s Sign in Artists’ Books,” writes about the shared features and cross-pollination occurring between children’s books and artists’ books.

Each essay appears in the original Portuguese on the verso with an English translation on the recto.

About the Journal of Artists’ Books (JAB)

JAB – The Journal of Artists’ Books is dedicated to elevating the level of discourse in artists’ books by providing a critical forum for debate about theoretical & creative issues in artists’ books. Artists’ books exist at the intersections of printmaking, photography, poetry, experimental narrative, visual arts, graphic design, & book art. As a forum for the study of these works, JAB publishes critical & theoretical articles, reviews of books & exhibitions, documentation of current activity through interviews with artists & publishers, as well as commentary on conferences & other book art-related activities. JAB also regularly showcases creative work in the form of artists’ books, artists’ statements & artist-designed pages, books, & covers produced specifically for JAB.