Mel Potter to Present at FMX Film Festival in Mexico City

Interdisciplinary MFA Professor Mel Potter to Present at FMX Film Festival

Mel Potter will present her animated film in progress, Ammunition for the Virgin at the FMX Festival in Mexico City. By tradition in some the remote and inaccessible Southeastern parts of the Balkans, a girl born to a family without boys is forced or sometimes chooses to live her life as a man. She dresses like a man and usually takes on the role of inheritor of the family property, becoming a brother to her sisters. In most cases, she never marries and never engages in a sexual relationship, hence the referral to these women as “sworn virgins”. Combining live action and animation collages created from photos, hand-made paper and found objects, Potter creates the sense of unbalance with gender confusion, themes that run through her work.

FMX Film Festival Postcard

You can see a short clip and stills from the film and stills are now on where you can leave comments and contribute to the conversation on this fascinating topic.