Post Human//Future Tense Closing and Performance this Thursday!


“What?! It’s Wednesday and you’re telling me there is something I have to be at tomorrow?!? What kind of place are you running?”

Sure, you may think those things, but that won’t stop you from coming to the closing event for Post-Human//Future Tense this Thursday evening beginning at 5pm!

“Where is this being held?”, you ask.

Well, it is at the same place as the exhibition, The Arcade Gallery at 618 S Michigan on the 2nd floor.

“What exactly am I getting myself into?”

Well, this is a little more than just a closing party. The night kicks off with a performance by Daniel Ploeger, co-editor and contributor to the exhibition catalog (which we will also be unveiling! woot!). Following his performance from 6-730/8 we’ll be holding a round-table discussion and presentations on the topic of posthumanism and it’s relevance (or existence!) in contemporary art and culture. In attendance will be the curators, contributors and artists in the show.

See you there!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at!