Call for Papers: Post Human // Future Tense | October 15 Deadline

As we enter an era where humanness is becoming an antiquated consideration, what will humanism be in the future of cybernetics, networked communications, artificial media saturation and synthetic biology? ”Post-Human // Future Tense” explores this concept, academically referred to as Post-Humanism, through the lens of current graduate students, a contingent who has the unique experience of developing their craft alongside the current technological push. Through the exploration of where technological advancements and digital progress will take society, “Post-Human // Future Tense” awakens a deeper understanding of what it means to be alive today.

Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces (DEPS) is currently accepting submissions of scholarly papers that deal with the Post-Human. Writings could consider, but in no way are limited to:

  • What is the role of embodiment in a Post-Human Society?
  • How will Post-Humanism affect the discourse of contemporary art? Will a Post-Human society have any use for art at all?
  • Were the early seeds of Post-Humanism planted in the reductive absurdism of the high modern?
  • Does technology actually ENHANCE humanism by bringing the world closer together, allowing for shared ideas, communication, and societal democratization?

Submissions will be selected by a panel of scholars including Daniel Ploeger, Nicholas Sagan and Clifton Meador. Once selected, authors will be notified and a final proof will be sent for approval. Submissions will then be sent to publishing. A complimentary copy of the catalog will be sent to the author and the library of an academic institution of their choosing.

To Submit:

Please send an email including a brief curriculum vitae, contact information, and the complete essay (.pdf, .doc, .pages) to

Deadline: October 15

Notifications: October 29

Anticipated Publish Date: November 20