Jenny Magnus at the MCA THIS WEEK!

Jenny Magnus

Office Hours

MCA August 9-13 and beyond

Jenny Magnus is available. For conversation, for consultation, for any kind of exchanged discourse possible during her 60 minute Office Hours. Taking place at The Museum of Contemporary Art, August 9-12, from 12-1pm, and then weekly through 2010 and 2011, Magnus will sit at a table on the MCA stage, and anyone is welcome to pull up a chair, and have a conversation. Some topics that are concerning her right now are the notion of the theater as a place of work, not only physical but intellectual as well; a sustained ecology of art making, staying in the process over a lifetime, and “retarding decay”; the stress between parenting and being an artist, and how being a “good enough” mother and a “good enough” artist can work; the sculpting of attention, and how an artist can compose attention on a stage; the ensemble as tribe and clan, and how to maintain generational working relationships….

Jenny Magnus and the Curious Theatre Branch will be in residence at the Museum of Contemporary Art beginning in August of 2010. This residency will culminate in a new, original play, written by Jenny Magnus and performed by the Curious Theatre Branch Ensemble, in September of 2011. Office Hours is one tactic being used to populate the space, to be present to the community in a direct and personal way. Will you come and visit her? To reserve a time, call 773.742.5421.