Microwaves and Media at a Mid-May Sundown Screening

History of New Media Collaborative Video Essay Screenings

Interdisciplinary Arts Department, Columbia College Chicago

Location: 916 South Wabash, 2nd Floor Gathering area (towards front of building)

Date: 5/12/10, Screening time: 8:00 – 8:45pm, followed by Q&A session.

Do you have plans next Wednesday, May 12th at sundown (appx. 7:56 p.m.)? This semester’s History of New Media class in the Interdisciplinary Arts Department at Columbia College Chicago would like to invite you to a screening of the research videos that we have been making this semester! Thanks to the newness of New Media, our class was able to research its history here in the present, by interviewing new media artists working today, and develop collaborative video essays to capture this history in a unique, compelling way. Videos to be screened are:

disembodied-conversation.jpg01. Synesthetic Installation Art (by Laura Miller & Maggie Puckett) Synesthetic Installation Art explores the past, present, and future of multi-sensory art. Artists Jack Ox, Paul Hertz, and Diane Willow share their perspectives and artworks, illuminating the value and possibilities of synesthetic art in the contemporary art world.

02. Disembodied Conversations (by Michael St. John, Victoria Eleanor Bradford, & Temple Cunningham) Through a skype-based, networked interview with Patrick Lichty, Stephanie Rothenberg, and Liz Filardi, Disembodied Conversations creates a physical dialogue between virtual and flesh-based participants on multiple networked stages.


03. The Aesthetics of Space: Towards Defining a Genre (by Nick Sagan & Michelle Graves) Is Space Art is an interdisciplinary practice, a conversation between art and science, or a genre? Seven artists, curators, and professionals offer their unique perspectives and opinions in this video essay. Rather than answering any of these questions, the contributers, including Annick Bureaud and Semiconductor Films, among others, help to build and ask the bigger questions about Space Art.

04. Generative Art (by Jenny Garnett & Renee Krystek) Generative Art is a new media genre developed out of generative processes that artists use to create systems which actually generate the final piece of art. Through interviews with Philip Galanter, Adam Trowbridge, and Scott Draves (creator of the electric sheep), this video essay explores generative art in performance, installation, animation, and open source screensavers.