Sheronawe Hakihiiwe Papermaking Workshop

IMG_1165.JPGOn Friday, April 9 from 2 – 5 PM, Venezuelan Yanomami community leader, Sheronawe Hakihiiwe will conduct a papermaking workshop at the Center for Book and Paper. He will work in local plant fibers in combination with pulp painting techniques. All interdisciplinary arts students are invited to work with Hakihiiwe as he makes his drawings on mylars, and creates stencils to produce images in paper.

Sheronawe Hakihiiwe is a renowned artist in Venezuela, and currently has an exhibition at IDEA, where former lecturer, Alvaro Gonzalez Bastidas is the head conservator. (Please see attached image of his installation.) He has been the project leader of Yanomami Owe Mamotima for more than 15 years, a project started by Columbia College Interdisciplinary Arts Department visiting artist, Laura Anderson Barbata.

For further information, please email If you would like to attend the workshop, please bring an xacto blade to assist in the cutting and production of stencils.