In-House Open House: Need Your Feedback, Please!

Ahoy all InterArts students!

We — the departmental tech support — have a fresh idea we’d like to get your feedback on… In lieu of last year’s line-up of intermittent equipment trainings and software tutorials, we are considering putting on an “in-house open house”.

At this all-day (friday) event, you’re friendly work-aids would provide equipment cage walk-through, computer lab/software overviews, specific software and hardware tutorials, as well as an installation workshop. We can spend a whole day together, learning the ins and outs of what we may have missed last fall and exploring new terrain to embark upon in our artwork.

We think we’ve got a swell idea, but need to know if you think so too. So please send us a message to say yay or nay… and no worries — if you were really keen on those intermittent tutorials, we’ll work to accommodate whatever your hearts desire (technically, that is!).


InterArts Tech Support

ps. As of recent discussions across disciplinary lines (i.e., with b&p folks), we are also considering launching some “share your skills” sessions at this friday event as well, so again, let us know what you think! thanks!

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