#FeatureFriday Ramsey Carey

This week’s #FeatureFriday is Columbia College Chicago graduate, Ramsey Carey.

Ramsey Carey

How has Columbia College Chicago helped me? I think the most appropriate question is, “How hasn’t Columbia College Chicago helped me?” Back in April 2014, the Advertising & Public Relations Department held a portfolio/networking event in which they invited job recruiters from agencies and non-profit organizations to come and chat with graduating students. At this event, I spoke with a representative of Goodman Theatre and presented her with my portfolio filled with content that I created throughout my years at Columbia (in and out of class). We further chatted about Goodman’s fall internship program beginning in August.

Fast forwarding to August 2014, I started my publicity internship with the theatre and have been promoted to Publicity Associate at the Goodman. The AD/PR team presented us with an opportunity too good to miss during the networking/portfolio event and look where I am now because of it. My promotion from being an intern to a full-time staff member was due in-part to the knowledge and skills I gained at Columbia. I came in with a level of professionalism and familiarity that allowed me to climb the ladder at one of the top non-profit theaters in the nation.

Columbia thoroughly prepared me for the real world. I do not believe there is another institution that could have done better. Columbia makes their students aware of the opportunities and the students reap the rewards. Don’t forget it is up to the student to take the initiative.