#FeatureFriday Myles Adams






Meet Myles Adams, a Columbia College student who is interning at the Columbia Chronicle. We asked him to share his experience with us.

What is your job tittle and what does your job consist of?


I am the Senior Advertising Account Executive for the Columbia Chronicle. My job consists of contacting local businesses in the Chicagoland area to advertise their location and specials within the Chronicle. These local businesses can range from restaurants to salons, hookah lounges, gyms and more.  It’s not an easy job due to the fact that not everybody I pitch to will say yes and place advertisements with us. My job also includes putting together ads for clients who do not have their own graphic designers. I team up with our graphic designers to come up with the perfect advertisement to give the client the best return possible.

What does an average workday consist of at The Columbia Chronicle?


There isn’t really an average workday at the Chronicle. This is because there is always something different to do such as invoicing clients, cold running, cold calling, emailing clients, sales meetings, or even helping out with things around the office. For example today (6/24) I came in to the office and checked my emails, called a few clients who are past due with their ad payment. Then I prospected for new clients and accompanied the Chronicle table for new student orientation. Even though every day is different it is imperative that new clients are signing contracts every week which means work has to be done no matter what.

Tell us about your experience working at The Columbia Chronicle Newspaper.


I started working at The Columbia Chronicle in October 2013 and had no idea what to expect. I started as an Advertising Account Executive selling advertisement space to local businesses within the Chicagoland area whom not only cater to the college market but for alumni and business professionals as well. This has given me the opportunity actually gain experience within my field of study. Also while working at the Chronicle I had the opportunity to attend ICPA (Illinois College Press Association) convention and awards ceremony, which was held this past February. While attending the ICPA convention I had the chance of networking and meeting college newspaper students from schools all across the state of Illinois. With the experience that I have gained and clients I have signed, I have recently been promoted to become the Senior Advertising Account Executive.