#FeatureFriday Tabitha Valdes

Hello! My name is Tabitha Valdes.





I have had the privilege of having several amazing internships through Columbia College. Some of my favorites include Stage773, Peter Field, and FCB Prague. All of the internships held very different tasks and gave me important skills and portfolio pieces. If you get a chance to go on the FCB study abroad program in Prague it is well worth it! I had an amazing experience abroad and an exhilarating time working on a brand outside of the US. We got to work with a product called TUC. It’s a buttery cracker similar to Ritz. FCB wanted us to rebrand the product to a new target audience called the urban explorer. We researched local grocery stores and met students at a local university for research on our new brand. We had the chance to work in groups and really dive into our concepts. It is an amazing talking point in interviews and a fantastic portfolio piece.




I recently got the crème de la crème internship at Leo Burnett with the help of Internship Coordinator, Julie Harris, at Columbia College. My journey to getting the job is an interesting story. I sent in my resume with the required paragraph about myself about five weeks ago. A week later, I sent a follow up email followed by another follow up email followed by a “excuse my persistence” email. At this point, I figured the position had been filled, but since I hadn’t heard anything I figured reaching out again couldn’t hurt. Finally, I got a woman I had spoke to in the HR department to reach out for me and then I went to Julie Harris’s office where she left a persistent voicemail and email to the head of the internship program. Within an hour of Julie’s phone call, I got a call from the head of HR. She not only spoke to me about my professional persistence, but also offered me the job over the phone without an interview because of my references. It was the most thrilling five-minute phone call of my life! I am very excited to start my position with Leo Burnett in the HR department and I am sure I will gain a lot of experience and valuable lessons.