#FeatureFriday Jewell Donaldson


When I’m asked what I’m doing this summer, I use the term “internship” for convenience and to ease communication. In truth, the iCR8 Bootcamp is so much more than a mere internship. It is a simulation of what my team calls ADLife: the convergence of work, learning, and immersive experience involved with this summer. During #iCR82014, we are processed and retrofitted for an industry that is spectacularly specific in choosing the best and brightest. This experience has evolved me beyond being an advertising student. This experience has put me in the realm of accomplished, top-tier professionals who have integrated this business into their being. This Bootcamp has smashed whatever dewy-eyed imaginings I had about copywriting and showed me: you will work very long hours, you will work weekends, and your best ideas will be presented for slaughter (round after round after round) – yet you will love it. I have learned that Art + Copy are the heart + soul of an agency employed to materialize the vision of the marketing mix, and that I must trust my team to deliver the glorious nectar of insight which will allow me to create “abracadabra” of advertising that everyone loves, even when they claim to loathe the principles behind it.




Advertising is in the DNA of all mediums, and fuses every art form. The part that I now command ownership of is my ability to connect to the decision-making emotions of consumers.  My internship has shown me, that this industry doesn’t teach–it gives you an opportunity to learn. The Marcus Graham Project has been remarkably effective at showing me what my options are as an Adwoman. My connections in the industry have broadened. My understanding of the industry has deepened.  My professional portfolio has thickened.  I came here wanting to be a Copywriter. I will leave knowing that I AM a Copywriter and my words have provided creative solutions that crystallize the Imagination for real businesses, products, and brands.