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Secure Your Funding

Classes will be starting soon and now is the time to secure your funding.  Remember, just because a financial resource is listed on your Award Letter doesn’t always mean it is ready to disburse to your student account.  Steps may be required to secure this funding.

Login to the OASIS Portal and visit the Student Financial Services tab to click on the ‘Missing Documents’ link for specific steps to secure your funding.  Also, visit our Secure Your Funding page to learn more info about the necessary steps you may need to complete.

Please visit our Document Submission page to learn about the different ways you can submit missing documents to the SFS office.

There are several things to consider when deciding on the funding options you will use to fund your education.  View our Knowing Your Responsibilities as a Borrow piece for more information and guidance.  If you would like to reduce or cancel a portion of your loans you can do so by visiting the SFS Resource Center and completing a ‘Loan Adjustment Request’.

Posted on Jun 6, 2014

Post by Student Financial Services

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