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How to Stay in Contact with SFS | Knowing Your Options

The fall semester is fast approaching and we look forward to seeing you all on campus again soon.  During these next few weeks, the amount of guidance students request from Student Financial Services (SFS) increases substantially.  With that being said, we want to be sure you know your options when seeking guidance from SFS.  Below is a list of resources you can utilize:

Website/Virtual Advisor

All questions can begin on our website www.colum.edu/sfs.  Our website is designed to address all stages of financing your education from.  If you have trouble finding an answer, simply type your question in our Virtual Advisor who will help you search our website for information.

Personal Student Account Management Resources

These resources are available to students once they acquire a student ID number and password that are found through the student OASIS portal.  They allow access to personal student account management.  Visit our Manage Your Account page for more details.

Toll-Free Consultation Line/Chat Services 1-866-705-0200

The Toll-Free Consultation Line and our Chat Services allow you to contact a Student Financial Services Representative at your convenience. Both services are free and are available Mon-Fri from 8AM to 5PM CST.  These hours are extended to 6PM from 8/26/13 – 9/6/13 to accommodate the increase in calls we receive. We will assess your inquiry and determine the next steps and best course of action based on your individual situation.

Utilize our new convenient call back feature! When you call the SFS Phone Consultation line during a time when the hold time may be high and you are unable to wait on hold, you can let us wait in line for you and call you back when your turn comes up. Just leave your name and number when prompted with this option and hang up. An SFS phone representative will ensure your call is returned!  All calls are returned within the same business day. Please make sure you make yourself available for the return call, because if you miss our call you will need to call us back again.

Drop-In Consultation

For those students who happen to be on campus and need a quick question answered, you may utilize our Drop-In Consultation Services.  Student Financial Service Specialists are available for Drop-In Consultation Monday – Thursday from 9:30AM-4:30PM and Friday from 10:30AM-4:30PM in the Student Financial Services Lobby at 600 S. Michigan Suite 303.  Please remember, wait times can be longer due to increased traffic during the coming weeks.

Posted on Aug 8, 2013

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