ArtStart Summer Camp for Young Creatives

March 26, 2014

By Bethany Hexom

ArtStart1Columbia College is offering a summer arts camp program this year called ArtStart for children entering grades 3-9 interested in visual, media, and performing arts. The program runs weekdays June 16 – Aug. 1.

“The ArtStart Summer Arts Camp offers unique opportunities for campers to become fully immersed in a collaborative, supportive and incredibly fun artistic community,” said Megan Powers, program manager. “Artistic disciplines are taught and explored through self-expression, awareness and teamwork, creating an engaging, safe, and rewarding summer environment for both students and staff alike.”

ArtStart2The camp counselors and teachers are select students, alumni, and working artists from the Columbia College community and beyond. Campers will attend classes, field trips, outdoor lunches in Grant Park, and guest artist workshops.

Campers are assigned to small groups with participants their own age, and they all attend daily classes in visual arts, media arts, performing arts, and an alternating dance and music class.

  • Through the performing arts classes, campers learn to write, rehearse and perform an original piece using a combination of dance, music, improvisation techniques and acting.
  • The visual arts classes introduce campers to a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and comic book illustration, as well as teaching them how to create large-scale installations for an art gallery.
  • ArtStart3The media arts classes teach campers the step-by-step process of creating a film from beginning to end – the students learn the ins and outs of storyboarding, camera angles, proper equipment use and the art of creating a script.
  •  The alternating music and dance classes help campers explore their current knowledge of music and dance theory and performance while collaborating with their instructors on original pieces, music and choreography.

At the end of the seven-week session, their work comes together in the form of a stage performance, film screening and gallery opening. For registration and more information, visit