Photo II – Review Quiz

Multiple Choice

The complementary color for Yellow is:

What lens size is considered a “normal” focal length for a 35mm camera?

What aperture setting would produce Great Depth of Field?

An image made with daylight balanced film under fluorescent light will:

If you take a reflected light meter reading of a white wall in a scene, and set the exposure on the camera as the meter indicates, what will the tone of the wall be in the final print?

F/8 allows (half/double) the amount of light to strike the film as F/11.

Which filter is needed when photographing indoors underneath household bulbs using daylight film?

An image made with daylight film under light that is 3200 K will:

A grey card is ...

When metering a scene with a bright sky behind your subject what should you do to insure that your subject gets the proper exposure?

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