Photo II – Review Quiz

Multiple Choice

If you take a reflected light meter reading of a white wall in a scene, and set the exposure on the camera as the meter indicates, what will the tone of the wall be in the final print?

A grey card is ...

An image made with daylight film under light that is 3200 K will:

When printing in the darkroom, opening up the aperture 1 stop will ________ the amount of light coming through the lens?

A 35mm camera uses what type of light meter?

Which filter is needed to eliminate reflections on glass or water?

What adjustment should you make to your meter reading if you are photographing a scene that is overall very light, like a snowy scene?

Shutter speed controls what two things?

Suppose that after metering for middle grey you get a reading of 1/125th sec. @ f 4. In order to get more depth of field you stop down to f16. What should your new shutter speed be?

The best place to store color film is

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