Photo II – Review Quiz

Multiple Choice

What ís the enlarger exposure equivalent of f/8 for 20 seconds?
What shutter speed should you not shoot below without a tripod
When metering a scene with a bright sky behind your subject what should you do to insure that your subject gets the proper exposure?
The best place to store color film is
A grey card is ...
Shutter speed controls what two things?
When printing in the darkroom, opening up the aperture 1 stop will ________ the amount of light coming through the lens?
Suppose that after metering for middle grey you get a reading of 1/8th sec. @ f 22. In order to prevent blur you stop up to 1/60th sec. What should your new F-stop be?
What lens size is considered a “normal” focal length for a 35mm camera?
Reciprocity failure occurs with: