Photo II – Review Quiz

Multiple Choice

A 35mm camera uses what type of light meter?

Shutter speed controls what two things?

The subtractive primaries (the physics of light) are:

What shutter speed setting would produce burred motion?

Suppose that after metering for middle grey you get a reading of 1/8th sec. @ f 22. In order to prevent blur you stop up to 1/60th sec. What should your new F-stop be?

What lens size is considered a “normal” focal length for a 35mm camera?

Reciprocity failure occurs with:

F/8 allows (half/double) the amount of light to strike the film as F/11.

If you want your image to have blurred movement what shutter speed could you use

Suppose that when taking a light meter reading the closest thing to middle grey is light concrete - one stop above middle grey. A meter reading of the concrete suggests an exposure of 1/125th @ f 11.

If you used this for your exposure, it would make a negative that is:

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