Photo II – Review Quiz

Multiple Choice

1/4 at f 8 lets in _________ light than 1/30th at f 5.6

Reciprocity failure occurs with:

When printing in the darkroom, opening up the aperture 1 stop will ________ the amount of light coming through the lens?

What adjustment should you make to your meter reading if you are photographing a scene that is overall very light, like a snowy scene?

An image made with daylight film under light that is 3200 K will:

A grey card is ...

Suppose that after metering for middle grey you get a reading of 1/125th sec. @ f 4. In order to get more depth of field you stop down to f16. What should your new shutter speed be?

The complementary color for Magenta is:

Which camera control should be adjusted to prevent blur from motion when making a photograph?

Which filter is needed to eliminate reflections on glass or water?

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