Photo II – Review Quiz

Multiple Choice

The complementary color for Magenta is:
When metering a scene with a bright sky behind your subject what should you do to insure that your subject gets the proper exposure?
A 35mm camera uses what type of light meter?
The best place to store color film is
The complementary color for Yellow is:
What aperture setting would produce Great Depth of Field?
What ís the enlarger exposure equivalent of f/8 for 20 seconds?
Suppose that when taking a light meter reading the closest thing to middle grey is light concrete - one stop above middle grey. A meter reading of the concrete suggests an exposure of 1/125th @ f 11.

If you used this for your exposure, it would make a negative that is:

1/4 at f 8 lets in _________ light than 1/30th at f 5.6
What shutter speed setting would produce burred motion?