Equivalent Exposures


1. Set the "camera" to f16 at 1/2 second and click the shutter release. This is the same exposure as the Original Exposure on the left.

2. Next, set the "camera" to f11 (1 full stop larger aperture) at 1/4th second (1 full stop less time that the shutter is open)

3. Click the shutter release. Notice how the overall lightness and darkness did not change in the photograph? You created a new exposure that gave the same amount of light as the original exposure.

You gave 1 stop more light with the aperture (f16 to f11 opens the aperture 1x)

You then balanced out the exposure by subtracting 1 stop of light with the shutter speed (1/2 second to 1/4th of a second opens and closes the shutter faster)

These are called equivalent exposures. Using the camera settings, see if you can find the other equivalent exposures for this scene. Or click HERE for more step-by-step instructions.

CAMERA:   Aperture   Shutter Speed  

Original Exposure:

New Exposure:

All Photographs ©2010 Stephanie Dean