Depth of Field & Aperture

The distance between the nearest and farthest points that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph is called depth of field.

Depth of field is primarily controlled by the aperture setting on the lens. A small f-stop number like f2.8 or f4 will give you very short depth of field. A large f-stop number like f16 or f22 will give you very long depth of field. (Depth of field is also affected by focal length and camera to subject distance)


1. Set the "camera" to f8 at 1/125th and click the shutter release. This is the same exposure as the Original Exposure on the left.

2. Next, set the "camera" to any other aperture setting and notice the affect this change has on what is in focus in the image. Also notice how the shutter speed has to change along with the aperture to make a correct exposure.

CAMERA:    Aperture:      

Original Exposure:

New Exposure:

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