• Colleen McCulla

    I’m a first year Interdisciplinary Book & Paper MFA student. In my recent body of work I’ve created and shared one handmade collage on social media every day since December of 2012.

  • Creative Writing - Fiction MFA

    Courtney Zellars

    I received my BA in Print Journalism, but realized I preferred stories I can ethically manipulate to the cold, hard facts and rigidity of print news.

  • Creative Writing – Poetry, MFA

    David Fairbanks

    This is my first year in the Poetry MFA program. I live in Lincoln Square and work as a writer when I’m not busy teaching or being a TA.

  • Photography MFA


    Hello! I'm Danielle, a second year student in the Photography MFA program. I graduated from Michigan State University and jumped right into graduate school in 2015. My work focuses on trauma and memory.

  • Journalism MA

    Elaine Rojas-Castillo

    I am a first year student in the Journalism MA program. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the field and finally begin my dream career.

  • Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling, MA

    Jessica Lochte

    I am a second-year in the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling MA program. I am originally from Germany and have been living in Chicago since July 2014.

  • Music Composition for the Screen, MFA

    Katrina Zemrak

    I’m a first-year student in the Music Composition for the Screen MFA program. I composed for more than 30 films during my time as an undergrad at Columbia.

  • Creative Writing - Fiction MFA

    Sara Cutaia

    Hi, I'm Sara, a second year Fiction graduate student at Columbia College working on my collection of short stories that revolve around the theme of family bonds. I'm originally from Texas and I've lived in Chicago since Aug '15.

  • M.F.A. Creative Production

    Sarah James

  • Photography, MFA

    Whit Forrester

    I am a second-year student in the Photography MFA program. My current work focuses on the relationship that we have to the natural world within our built environments.

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