• Business & Entrepreneurship, MAM

    Amanda Gatt

    I’m a second-year in the MAM program at Columbia College Chicago. I have a musical background (French horn player) and aspire to start a career as an orchestra manager.

  • Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA

    BJ Allen

    I’m a third-year student in the Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA program. I find inspiration in a wide variety of areas—from my emotions and my neighborhood to… particle physics. And politics.

  • Cinema Art + Science - Cinema Directing MFA

    Chelsea Rowan

    Filmmaking is my passion and I hope to work as an independent writer and director. In the world of filmmaking, creativity thrives. I couldn’t keep away!

  • Creative Writing - Fiction MFA

    Courtney Zellars

    I received my BA in Print Journalism, but realized I preferred stories I can ethically manipulate to the cold, hard facts and rigidity of print news.

  • Creative Writing – Poetry, MFA

    David Fairbanks

    This is my first year in the Poetry MFA program. I live in Lincoln Square and work as a writer when I’m not busy teaching or being a TA.

  • Journalism MA

    Elaine Rojas-Castillo

    I am a first year student in the Journalism MA program. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the field and finally begin my dream career.

  • Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Arts MFA

    Hannah Batsel

    When I heard that Columbia College had an MFA program just for book and paper arts, I caught the first plane to Chicago!

  • Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling, MA

    Jessica Lochte

    I am a second-year in the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling MA program. I am originally from Germany and have been living in Chicago since July 2014.

  • Music Composition for the Screen, MFA

    Katrina Zemrak

    I’m a first-year student in the Music Composition for the Screen MFA program. I composed for more than 30 films during my time as an undergrad at Columbia.

  • Creative Writing - Nonfiction MFA

    Steph Jurusz

    When I received my BA, I imagined someday returning to school for my MFA. I wasn’t sure I was ready—until I realized I was writing every free minute I had.

  • Creative Producing, MFA

    Themba Moyo

    I’m a second-year student in the Creative Producing MFA program. I chose Columbia because I’m very attracted to the idea of becoming a producer for narrative storytelling.

  • Photography, MFA

    Whit Forrester

    I am a second-year student in the Photography MFA program. My current work focuses on the relationship that we have to the natural world within our built environments.

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