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Reactions to A Grunt’s War Diary, Folleh Tamba’s Exhibition in Kansas

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 12.07.2014 }


Among the comments: “Thought provoking and incredibly well put together.”

Marie Cisco, Recent MA Grad, Performs “Invisible Crowns” Monday July 14

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 12.07.2014 }


Marie Cisco, who also wrote the performance piece, will perform at 7:00 p.m. at the Prop Thtr.

MA Recent Grad Drew Wancket to Review for Chicago Stage Standard

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 7.07.2014 }


Wancket credits his experiences in the MA program with deepening his understanding of the arts community and how he can critically review a wide variety of performances from many aspects.

The Story Behind Media Grad Folleh Tamba’s A Grunt’s War Diary

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 30.06.2014 }


An excellent article on Tamba’s work ahead of the July 3 opening of the What is War? exhibition.

Book & Paper Recent Grad Jamie Weaver Storytelling Online, Presenting Paper

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 30.06.2014 }


Weaver will present a paper in Romania at a Fulbright conference and be storytelling based on her thesis project Hard Rain, Hard Wind.

Saturday URME (Free!) Workshop Welcomes Participants

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 13.06.2014 }


The URME workshop is free and open to the public and will take place this Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

Media MFA Graduate Brent Koehn Building Steel Barges for The Great Chicago Fire Festival

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 9.06.2014 }


Kohen will be making three barges that will be part of a pyrotechnic spectacle.

Media Graduate’s Kansas Exhibition Receives Press

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 4.06.2014 }

The Hays Daily News

The article describes Tamba’s work currently on display in the Quincy Gallery in St. Francis, Kansas.

Recent Graduate Folleh Tamba Exhibition to Fill Entire Building in Kansas

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 27.05.2014 }


The What Is War? exhibition beginning in early June will allow Tamba the space to realize his artowrk on a grand scale.

Alumna Maggie Puckett Curates Exhibition of Current and Former InterArts Students at Human Thread

{ Posted by BJ Allen on 8.05.2014 }


Finite Growth is on view at Human Thread in the Bridgeport Art Center until May 9.

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