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“Unfree Freedom” reviewed in The Columbia Chronicle

{ Posted by Jessica Cochran on 30.11.2011 }


Installation view; photo by Kathi Beste

The Columbia Chronicle recently reviewed “Unfree Freedom,” current Spotlight Exhibition….

CBPA Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

{ Posted by Jessica Cochran on 23.11.2011 }

CBPA Thanksgiving holiday hours…

“The Future of Letterpress” panel & TYPEFACE screening at Southside Hub of Production (SHOP)

{ Posted by Jessica Cochran on 22.11.2011 }


The Center for Book and Paper Arts is pleased to partner with the Southside Hub of Production and South Side Projections on letterpress programming….

Documentary by First-Year MFA Garners Multiple Awards at Documentary Film Festivals

{ Posted by K. Beste on 20.11.2011 }

Critics and judges at Independent Film and Documentary Festivals have been taking notice of Folleh Shar Tamba’s documentary The Triangle of Death.

InterArts Alumna takes lead role in coordinating archaeology project in Qatar that will use unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photography.

{ Posted by K. Beste on 19.11.2011 }

Diane Derr’s newest collaborative project (InterArts MFA 2007) combines the latest unmanned aerial vehicle technology with digital video and photographic data capture.

<img alt="vcuqatarproject.jpg" src="" width="450" height="338" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College Celebrates its Thirty-Fifth Anniversary

{ Posted by K. Beste on 17.11.2011 }

As part of the 35th Anniversary year celebration of the Interdisciplinary Arts Department, Internationally acclaimed artist Pamela Z gave a 2-hour public performance of excerpts from a number of her pieces in the Raw Space Black Box Theater.

<img alt="sequence%20banner.jpg" src="" width="500" height="87" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Space and Place Closing Performance

{ Posted by K. Beste on 16.11.2011 }

The closing reception for Space and Place culminated in live performances providing skewed realities.

<img alt="ritt2.jpg" src="" width="500" height="333" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Visiting Artist Workshop Brings New Letterforms to Life

{ Posted by K. Beste on 9.11.2011 }

<img alt="print2.jpg" src="" width="500" height="654" style="border:10px solid #ccc; margin:2px;"

Experimentation with alternative methods and materials was at the heart of Swiss artist Dafi Kühne’s workshops at the Center for Book and Paper Arts.

Space and Place Performance and Installations

{ Posted by K. Beste on 9.11.2011 }

InterArts presents two individual installations and performances by MFA students Alexa Rittichier and Juliana Piscitiello at Columbia College.

Julianna Piscitiello, detail from performance of Suspended Illuminations.

CBPA 2012 Summer Residency Applications Posted

{ Posted by K. Beste on 2.11.2011 }

The Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts is offering two two-week residencies in the summer of 2012. The residencies are intended to provide time, facilities and assistance for specific projects.


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