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Black Box Performance Space Video Promo

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 24.11.2010 }

Video Screen Shot

Second year media student Michelle Graves produced this short video promoting the new Black Box Performance Space.

The space is the latest addition to the InterArts Department and has already gotten plenty of use. Three classes took place there this semester; Interactive Media, Media Performance and Performance in Artificial Space…

Student Spotlight: Alexa J. Rittichier

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 18.11.2010 }

Alexa J. Rittichier is a first-year Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA student.

Cinders Rising

Still from Cinders Rising (2009), a collaborative video piece by Alexa J. Rittichier (dancer/performer), Deborah Gregory (video artist), and Leora Gardner (experimental violinist).

What are you currently working on?

My current work is delving into issues related to Alzheimer’s and mortality. As I watch my family struggle through the decline of my grandfather after the recent death of my grandmother, I have been overwhelmed with not only the always ebbing ocean of emotions, but with the universality of this experience. While the majority of my interdisciplinary work up until this point has been combining visual art (mostly sculptural) and dance or movement, I have been challenged here to break out of my comfort zone and what I know. I have begun experimenting with stop motion animation and performance that is outside of the “dance” category…


{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 16.11.2010 }

WHEN: Live Durational Performance: Tues., Nov. 16, from 6 -10 pm

Interactive Installation: Wed., Nov. 17 – Thurs., Nov. 18 from 3 – 7 pm

WHERE:Columbia College Chicago, 916 S. Wabash, 2nd Floor

One More, by Michael St. John, Room 204

Drawing Gestures, by Jenny Garnett, Room 205


The Space & Place MFA performance/installations at Columbia College Chicago features the work of two students in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Media MFA program. The Interdisciplinary Art Department’s unique curriculum urges students to cross-pollinate with a number of art disciplines in order to create new and unexpected art forms…


Interactive Arts and Interdisciplinary Arts & Media Present: Trever Paglen

{ Posted by Paul Catanese on 12.11.2010 }


Wednesday, December 1, 2010 – 8th Floor / Film Row Cinema – 1104 S. Wabash

Trevor Paglen is an artist, writer, and experimental geographer whose work

deliberately blurs lines between social science, contemporary art, journalism,

and other disciplines to construct unfamiliar, yet meticulously researched

ways to see and interpret the world around us…

Post Human//Future Tense Show Opens

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 12.11.2010 }

The Interarts student curated Post Human//Future Tense show opened with a well attended reception on Thursday, November 4. The show features multi-disciplinary and new media works created by national and international graduate students. Curated by Victoria Eleanor Bradford, Michelle Graves, Nicolas Ruley and Nicholas Sagan, graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Arts Department of Columbia College Chicago. Juried by John Manning, Mel Potter and Jason Salavon…

Post Human Future Tense curators

Post Human Future Tense curators Nick Sagan, Michelle Graves and Nic Ruley

Interdisciplinary Arts Alums Create Video for World Bicycle Relief Organization

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 11.11.2010 }


Interdisciplinary Arts Alum Kevin Valentine, Matt Pierce, and Ramah Jihan collaborated on a developing video project for World Bicycle Relief, an organization dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles by partnering with existing NGO, government and community based organizations…

“And He Flew Over the Forest” Opens 11/19 at Prop Thtr

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 11.11.2010 }

And He Flew Over the Forest

And He Flew Over the Forest – an original play with music developed by Brain Surgeon Theater (Gwen Tulin, MFA Interarts & Media ’13, Artistic Director).

During what could be her family’s last trip together, a young girl returns to a world of her own creation. While her family crumbles around her, Leah seeks solace in her imaginary universe only to discover that it too is collapsing. Creatures are leaving the forest, old friends are changing, and she doesn’t know who to trust anymore…

Video Installation by Jeanine Mellinger at the Media Production Center

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 9.11.2010 }

Reframing Nature Series

Installation view of Reframing Nature Series – Photo: Michelle Graves

Interdisciplinary Arts & Media Program Director Jeanine Mellinger and artist John Manning produced the inaugural video installation for the lobby of Columbia College-Chicago’s new Media Production Center for the opening gala…

Student Spotlight: Nic Ruley

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 9.11.2010 }

Meet Nic Ruley, a third year Interdisciplinary Arts & Media MFA candidate who will be presenting his thesis in May.

Nic Ruley.jpg

Where did you do your undergrad and what did you study there?

I did my undergrad at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio from 1998 to 2002, studying non-traditional theater and autoperformance, with a major in Theater / Dance. The school was really DIY both in its educational structure and facilities. So you really had a sense of responsibility for both your art, your craft, and your education…

Core Project Performances at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts

{ Posted by Jenny Garnett on 8.11.2010 }

Core Project Chicago will feature the work of esteemed modern dance choreographer

Alwin Nikolais in their forth-annual BonesBare production to be held at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts November 12 and 13 at 8pm.

Ms. Rehberg is currently on the faculty of the Dance Department of Middle Tennessee State University, which was selected for the reconstruction of Pond as part of the Nikolais Centennial celebrating the 100th birthday of this American genius…

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