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Three Great Opportunities for Students!

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 26.02.2010 }

Art 21 seeking graduate student writers

CALLING ALL ART STUDENTS! Chicago’s 4Art Inc Gallery is currently seeking submissions for its stimulating new series, Art Diaries. Read on.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 2010-2011 Caxton Club Scholarship Awards

Live Cinema and NoiseFold: An Interview with David Stout

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 24.02.2010 }

Questions by Morehshin Allahyari and Victoria Bradford

1. You work as a scholar, a practicing artist and a live cinema performer. Where do these worlds collide in your work?

The different facets of my work all intersect in my role and identity as an artist. In my teens my conception of what an artist actually did was limited to the traditions of drawing, painting and sculpture, now we see artists redefining artistic practice across wide and disparate fields. The idea of an isolated, hermetically sealed discipline can be useful in the training of specialists but can be detrimental to discoveries and advancements of all kinds. My work as a ‘live cinema performer” is a synthesis of studies across video, sound, dance, performance, music composition and painting. My scholarship stems from a curiosity about historical precedents and new scientific possibilities – teaching springs naturally out of this creative work, and as much as possible I have sought to integrate the classroom and the exhibition space as one unified experience, whether it is a theater, a gallery, website, storefront or parking lot.

2. If someone reading this interview has never seen or experienced a live cinema performance, how would you explain the medium in both its media and performance elements?

As in many other art forms individual approaches can be very diverse. My definition is that Live Cinema is a screen-based work that might be edited, reassembled, mixed, streamed, animated and/or processed by a single performer or group of performers. The performer can be foregrounded or completely hidden

Last week of Widowsweave: Lines in the Sand 43 Days performance

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 22.02.2010 }

Come out and participate in remembering the hardship and hope of Iraqi Widows through artistic action! Join Kevin Valentine (MFA Media) in completing his 430,000 lines in 43 days. Or check it out online: or

WidowsWeave Schedule

• Monday 2/22/10 – 2:15-3pm – Rainbow Beach, 75th St and lakefront

• Tuesday 2/23/10 – 3-4pm – Gillson Park, Wilmette (South end)

• Wednesday 2/24/10 -3:30-4 Calumet Beach, 99th-96th and lakefront, Chicago

• Thursday 2/25/10 – 3-3:45 Oak St. Beach

• Friday 2/26/10 -1:30-2:30pm North Ave. Beach

• Saturday 2/27/10 -2:30-4 Montrose Beach

• Sunday 2/28/10 – 2-3pm Greenwood St., Evanson

Contact Kevin:

REMINDER: Diane Willow Lecture THIS Wednesday!

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 21.02.2010 }


Download PDF

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., on a mission to make the world safe for avant-garde art

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 20.02.2010 }

Franklin Furnace’s mission is to present, preserve, interpret, proselytize and advocate on behalf of avant-garde art, especially forms that may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect, their ephemeral nature, or politically unpopular content.

The application process for 2010-2011 grants for emerging artists is NOW OPEN !!!

Deadline to submit application is April 1, 2010.

In-House Open House: Need Your Feedback, Please!

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 17.02.2010 }

Ahoy all InterArts students!

We — the departmental tech support — have a fresh idea we’d like to get your feedback on… In lieu of last year’s line-up of intermittent equipment trainings and software tutorials, we are considering putting on an “in-house open house”.

At this all-day (friday) event, you’re friendly work-aids would provide equipment cage walk-through, computer lab/software overviews, specific software and hardware tutorials, as well as an installation workshop. We can spend a whole day together, learning the ins and outs of what we may have missed last fall and exploring new terrain to embark upon in our artwork.

We think we’ve got a swell idea, but need to know if you think so too. So please send us a message to say yay or nay… and no worries — if you were really keen on those intermittent tutorials, we’ll work to accommodate whatever your hearts desire (technically, that is!).


InterArts Tech Support

ps. As of recent discussions across disciplinary lines (i.e., with b&p folks), we are also considering launching some “share your skills” sessions at this friday event as well, so again, let us know what you think! thanks!

Congratulations Weisman Winners!

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 16.02.2010 }

Kudos to the following InterArts MFA students who are recipients of this year’s 2010 Weisman Awards:

Sara Andrews, Book and Paper

Matthew Aron, Book and Paper

Suzanne Bartelson, Media

Kristina Gosh, Book and Paper

Ramah Jihan, Media

Teresa Pankratz, Book and Paper

Areujana Sim, Book and Paper

Kevin Valentine, Media

(and sorry for the delay in posting!)

PhD’s, Live Cinema, Curriculum Development and more!

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 16.02.2010 }

It’s over! …and now that every is coming back up for air — that is, now that CAA is good and gone — I thought I’d share a few more discussions that arose on the student blog that relate directly to the work we do here in InterArts. Take a moment to check out the links below, as well as other write-ups and artist interviews on the blog.


Reports from CAA

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 12.02.2010 }

Check out what your fellow InterArts crew is reporting on from CAA at the Columbia College CAA Blog! …Nick, Susan, Victoria, and Morehshin are tearing up the conference floor seeking out all the best stories, not to mention the great insights from their undergrad cohort covering all the action. Whether you are registered for the conference or NOT there’s a lot to do throughout the rest of the weekend. Check it out!




OF INTEREST: i^3 hypermedia

{ Posted by Marc Stevens on 9.02.2010 }

18450_251069245669_251045805669_3891267_7704988_n.jpgJenny Magnus suggests checking out i^3 hypermedia

Check out the website, the venue and the artists… Jenny can recommend you to the main person, Sarah Weiss, of this free media performance space!

i^3 hypermedia is also on FACEBOOK.

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