A Grimm Autobiography

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Even in the beginning weeks of class, Rose was instinctively drawn to write from fairytales. She knew they were powerful, she was attracted to them, and when she shared her writing with the class we were immediately able to experience the ways these myths, these archetypes, affected her. They beckoned her, they told her story.

As she wrote autobiographical poetry through a common mythic language of fairytales, Rose discovered a profound connection between her own story and some of our oldest stories. She found a relationship between her individual experience and an archetypal human experience. She identified the importance of self-knowledge for understanding who “We” are in a grander sense.

She also came to know that in many ways we are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. To paraphrase Rose’s compelling thesis, sometimes the story is a lie, sometimes it is brutally honest, but it will always change with our shifting perception.

FYS Instructor Miranda Zent

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Author Bio
Rose Traul is a television major, concentrating on writing, with a fiction writing minor. She was born and raised in Kansas City with her father and her four siblings. Rose moved to Chicago when she was eighteen to attend Columbia College Chicago and to find greater adventures. In her spare time, Rose writes poetry.

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