YouYear Talent Showcase

Freshmen Year is all about YOU.
written by Renee Rock

This year’s freshman Introduction to Management class has wasted no time in taking their management skills and creative ideas to a new level.  Everyone knows that Freshman year is always rough.  You are starting a new school, opening a new chapter in your life, making new friends, possibly in a new city, and experiencing new freedoms.  With all of the excitement of your freshman year also comes new discoveries and new ideas.  In many ways, your freshmen year brings out a new You.

As the class was discovering and experiencing all of the joys and stresses of freshmen year, they thought of the amazing idea to create a platform that celebrates this trans-formative and exciting year in the YouYear Talent Showcase.  Pulling their management and creative skills together, they have spent a good portion of the semester collaborating on this exciting end of the year event that will be held on December 11, 2013.

Throughout this process, two students stepped up to the challenge and took the lead by becoming co-Executive Directors of the event.  Emily Gruber and Sydney Fontaine have done nothing but impress with their visionary and leadership skills.

Emily Gruber

Though only a freshman, Emily works with a non-profit called Dear Music, Love Music , an organization founded and run by Columbia students.  She has high ambitions of pursuing her education further to study Entertainment Law. Through her experience thus far at Columbia, working on projects like YouYear have helped to develop a good foundation for collaboration and management. “Managers work smarter, not harder. Hearing this simple quote gave me so much insight as to how I should go about career and into life.”

Sydney Fontaine

Sydney has also been highly involved through her freshman year so far, taking part in programs like the University Center Residence Council.  She has grown tremendously through her first semester.  “At least once every class, Joe Bogdan says ‘if your alternative is flipping burgers…’ about the live and performing event we’re talking about. Whether it’s a political convention, concert, marathon or otherwise, it’s good to be open to doing anything. Sports may not be my thing, but I’ll plan the Super Bowl, why not?”

There are dozens of talented, incredible students like Sydney and Emily, in the freshmen class just waiting to take the stage and unveil their creativity at YouYear this December – and who knows where their journey will take them or who they will become.  But as for their freshmen year, it is all about celebrating YOU. 

YouYear Talent Showcase

December 11, 2013 6:45pm

HAUS @ Quincy Wong Center

623 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL

Free Food

Free Admission

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