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AEMM Arts & Business partnership helps Nonprofit managers

AEMM has recently renewed its partnership with the Arts & Business Council of Chicago to develop and offer a series of arts management workshops on campus.

They are open to professionals, faculty and students, and will serve three objectives:

  • Offer additional training to our full time and part time faculty members
  • Regularly bring professional arts managers on campus, to present our program and position it as a resource to the field.
  • Develop a networking platform for our students, who will be able to meet professionals before, during and after these trainings.

To read more about this partnership and details about the most recent workshop
read the following feature from the Columbia Chronicle.

Nonprofit managers workshop to build skills

Published: 02-04-13


Columbia students and faculty were invited to attend “Building Cultural Corporate Partnership Workshop,” a Jan. 29 event at which arts management professionals gave tips on building connections between nonprofit organizations and corporations.

Read more..

Posted on Feb 2, 2013

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